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Masturbation is, for most males, our first sexual act.  It is therefore associated with our sexual awakening, a sense of discovery and of claiming ownership of our bodies.  It harkens back to our steamy, spermy youth. In jacking off, billions of boys first experience a personal pleasure that really "belongs to them."  It is an incredibly personal, primal and positive force in our lives. Men who continue to enjoy jacking off throughout their lives––who continue to experience it as positive, fun and satisfying––these are the men who make up a jack-off group.

It is also true that many boys are shamed about masturbation, in some cases, this shaming is intensely abusive and potentially damaging to the boy all through his life, affecting his fundamental sense of sex as a good thing.  For these unfortunate men, masturbation becomes the root of a belief that sexual desire is the "enemy," labeling as evil one of our strongest and most basic instincts, the drive for sexual pleasure and self-possession.  Many of us who have an overall positive experience of masturbation still carry subtle echoes of that kind of shame throughout our lives and struggle with it in an effort to reclaim our own sexual power.  For many, many men, jacking off is not only fun, intensely pleasurable and good, but even healing. In our affirmation of masturbation as fundamentally good, just as our underlying sex drive is fundamentally good, many of our members go beyond just having a great time into an experience of personal healing.  We actually find our individual sense of personal sexual energy strengthened and reinforced through group play... Although that's not required to enjoy the club, it is a real fringe benefit.

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