Thank You!!

On behalf of myself and the entire ClubJack team, I want to thank everyone who has generously donated to our club as well as all the messages of encouragement. The commitment by those who have donated, to keeping ClubJack going is appreciated by not only myself, but also by the hundreds of men who have attended our events in the past; and whom have found our group to help them achieve a new level of growth and well being. ClubJack Denver is the only, legal, welcoming and safe men’s masturbation club in the Rocky Mountain area, serving a wide variety of men from all walks of life. It is dedicated to the health and well being of its members by promoting and facilitating group masturbation, helping to expand our sexual awareness; and build a culture of mutual respect and dignity amongst our brothers. In our affirmation of masturbation as fundamentally good, just as our underlying sex drive is fundamentally good, many of our members go beyond just having a great time into an experience of personal healing and acceptance. We actually find our individual sense of personal sexual energy strengthened and reinforced through group play... Although that's not required to enjoy the club, it is a real fringe benefit.

We will resume club operations as soon as is safe and legally possible to do so. We continue to monitor local and state guidelines, and will notify everyone when we receive notification that is safe to resume normal club activities.

Thank you again for the support and generous donations, this support is helping to keep ClubJack stable and financially secure during this extremely difficult time. For details on how you can help, click here. In Brotherhood, Jimbo President ClubJack Denver

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